Let me tell you a story. Many years ago, a nine-year-old student of mine was scribbling in a fill-in-the-blank grammar worksheet, when he looked up at me suddenly and asked: Mrs. M, why do we live?

I took away the unfinished worksheet. In his imperfect English he fired question after question. Disregarding his errors,  I answered, simplifying, paraphrasing, rephrasing. We talked about life for the rest of the lesson.

Decades later, in fluent English he’d developed through many conversations, writing tasks, discussions and musings, he still remembers this transformational day, and so do I. It changed the way I teach English. 

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Yes! You’ve come to the right person. Beata Mirecka-Jakubowska, called “Mrs. M” by her students, has taught thousands of kids from dozens of countries. With her professional assistance, your teens can reach their highest potential. No more traffic! Your child can log in from anywhere and join Mrs. M’s innovative, interactive learning experience. Help your child make genuine progress in English and benefit from personal growth as well.

Why study online with Mrs. M?

Mrs. M, you’re the best teacher I ever had. Thank you for preparing me for the future and for college.

  • You have changed my outlook and are an Inspiration to me and its never a boring moment with you. 
  •  You are a cool teacher with years of life experiences.
  • Favorite teacher, by far. Takes into consideration everyone in the class and expects a lot from everyone but won’t push anyone into doing something they are uncomfortable with. 
  •  Thank you for allowing us to learn topics that do matter in the world (very interesting as I have not really learnt them before).
  •  Mrs. M is one of the most passionate teachers I’ve ever had. This is one of my favorite classes. She treats everyone with respect.
  •  I really really love how relevant the course is. I absolutely adored this course. 
  •  Mrs. M really knows how to make us learn on our own, and because it’s not from memorizing things, I am able to remember what we learned in class more easily and understand by heart.
  •  Mrs. M, you are the most cheerful and passionate English teacher I ever had! Thank you so much for preparing all the interesting projects. 
  •  Thank you for being such an amazing and inspiring teacher, Mrs. M. I always love coming to your class. (English 12 students in an anonymous teacher evaluation, 2017-2018)

Her classroom is a happy, productive environment, a canvas that truly reflects her joy of learning and the value she places in children’s work. She captivates the interest and enthusiasm of her students with her undeniable competence, professionalism and care, with her passion for beauty in literature, the power of the spoken word, the essence of effective communication and the love of language. Students in her classes know their learning objectives clearly and feel empowered as learners, because she truly cares about their learning. She lives and breathes the subject of English every day in her work and her students are genuine beneficiaries of this passion. (Steve Clark, HS Principal)

Teachers who are passionate about making a difference are more likely to make a difference. ~John Hattie

  •  Your passion for teaching is contagious. It gets your students passionate about learning, it ignites their inner curiosity, and it gives them confidence in their own capacity to learn. ~ Elaine Hatfield.

Expert Instructor

An expert educator, mentor and learning coach for 30+ years, Mrs. M has designed and taught a variety of English Language courses for students in grades 7 through 12. Offered packets include assistance in English Language development as well as personal growth through consultation and mentoring sessions.

Online/ Offline Materials & Assistance

Carefully designed consultation packets include online and offline support. Students can sign up for multiple consultation packets to intensify their learning experience.

Thousands of Success Stories

More than 3,000 students taught

Yuko IB English B in 2007; Study Skills

Mrs. M cares about every student and she always thinks of the student’s best benefit. I was really fortunate. I met her and I learned from her. If I did not meet her, I do not think I would want to be better English speaker or want to study in English. From her advice, I managed my time well and I safely graduated from high school.

Sachiko, Enriched English in 1993; Joy & Personal Support

I took Mrs. M’s Enriched English class. English classes were frightening and full of nervousness for me…. but her class was completely different. I could relax, laugh and enjoy her English lesson. It was definitely fun attending her class. She made feel students that she was always on our side. Although more than 20 years have already passed after my graduation, Mrs. M still remains as the most impressive teacher of mine and will forever.

Ida, English 9LE in 2015; Learning more than just English

Just one year and I have learned more than I have ever done. I not only learned English in Mrs. M’s class but I learned how to communicate and think in English, use analytical techniques and skills for life. One thing I especially enjoyed is how we were encouraged by Mrs. M to think for ourselves, no “right” answer but many different ideas, and all were respected and considered in her class. This learned me a lot about seeing things from various perspectives, which is so important in life. The best part of the course was not the language and grammar, but the themes and ideas, learning about life. I am grateful for everything I was taught. Thank you very much Mrs. M for being the best teacher I have ever had.

Amy (Yichen) ESOL 10 in 2005, Personal Growth

I was a freshman in Mrs. M’s ESOL 10 class in year 2005.  Mrs. M is wonderful at teaching, but the one thing I appreciate the most is her positive attitude, and the courage and confidence that she passes to her students.  I remember there were many times when I didn’t believe I could do something, but Mrs. M always encouraged me to take the challenge.


Haruna, ESOL 10 in 2002; Motivation

When I met Mrs. M for the first time, I thought her English was the most beautiful English I had ever heard. I think I could not survive a tough life at school, have courage to apply to the university in the U.S, write better papers than native English students write, and decide to continue my further study at graduate school in the U.S if I did not have any of her help. She is definitely my motivator even today.

Fredy Language Support in 2006; Learning Mindset

I was in Mrs. M’s Language Support Class during my senior year. She is an excellent figure of a teacher and a friend at the same time. Her ability to perform those 2 tasks is beyond explanation. In class, she teaches and guides students through any difficulties they might have. Never in my school life have I seen an English teacher that was so much fun and so reliable. Apart from her superb explanations, she could give positive and helpful advice to students just like a friend would do. If you never studied in Mrs. M’s class or at least met her, you would miss the greatest opportunity of your life. I will treasure every fun and happy moment of her forever.

Melody Language Support in 2005; Care for Students

Mrs. M is a teacher, but she was more like a friend to me. I can’t even remember how many times Mrs. M helped me out with choosing the best college, using different software, applying for various student groups etc. None of these things were part of her responsibilities as a Language Support teacher. She did them simply because she cared about me more like a friend than just a student. It was not just for me, she did the same things for everyone else in her classes and that was why everyone loves her.



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  • Extra help with English language development
  • Extra help with text structure and development 
  • Critical thinking and writing skills
  • Sign up for a 5-session packet of live and offline assistance in selecting ideas, focusing your text, and honing your writing skills through live Skype and offline feedback sessions.


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  • Develop 21st century skills and learning dispositions
    in small groups of international peers.


Sign up for this 10-session packet to get:

  • Extra help with speaking English
  • Support with spoken text structure and development
  • Improvement of critical thinking skills
  • Sign up for a 10-session packet (on/offline) of assistance in selecting ideas and focusing your script, persuasive writing, and practicing oratory skills in live Skype sessions.
    All sessions custom-tailored to your needs.


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  • Mentoring for mindset building and personal growth
  • Solutions to various learning problems
  • Assistance in time management
  • Sign up for a 10-session packet of live assistance and mentoring via ten Skype sessions.
  • Interact live with a highly qualified and experienced teacher.

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