About Mrs. M


Mrs. M, whose full name is Beata Mirecka-Jakubowska, (and now you know why students call her “Mrs. M”) is an experienced English and EAL Teacher at the secondary education level. 

She spent over three decades mentoring, coaching and teaching international students in various English Language and Literature courses in grades 9-12 at the Jakarta International School, now called Jakarta Intercultural School, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Over the years, she has held positions of Advisor, Head of Department, CAS and EE Supervisor, and Language Support Center designer and coordinator.

Mrs. M has been teaching IB English B since 2008, and has been an IB Examiner for IB English B since 2014. She is a passionate professional skilled in unit and lesson construction through Understanding by Design and course design using Blended Learning and Project-based Learning.

Rest assured, your child’s learning is in good hands with Mrs. M!

You can learn more about Beata Mirecka-Jakubowska in her LinkedIn profile  or on her website www.beatamj.com. 


Mrs. M co-founded and co-organized TEDxJIS for four years. She has coached many students in TEDx talks, IASAS speeches and oral presentations.

Mrs. M believes in effective technology use in the classroom and integration of lifelong learning skills in the curriculum. She includes many educational apps in her lesson design. Your teenager will learn a lot more than just English skills!

Mrs. M applies her excellent organization skills and meticulous planning to design interesting interactive lessons with clear objectives and visible learning – read some TESTIMONIALS by her former students spanning several decades of teaching experience. You can be certain that your teen will learn with joy and interest.

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