The number of lessons depends on the packet or thematic unit. Please see appropriate section for details.

The number of Skype sessions depends on the packet. Please see description of packet in the appropriate section.

Each Skype session lasts 45 minutes of air time.

You have a maximum of 12 weeks from the day of purchase to complete your lesson packet or unit, including all Skype sessions. The timing of the sessions must remain within the agreed Skype session time frame (if available, see example below).

For example, if initially we agree that your Skype sessions will take place on ten consecutive Thursdays at 7 pm, you may reschedule your session to the following Thursday at 7 pm, or the Thursday after that, provided this time slot is still unfilled by another student, in which case we will find another mutually agreeable time slot, within the 12-week limit from day of purchase.

You can cancel and reschedule a lesson a minimum of 24 hours before it is scheduled to take place. For example, if it is scheduled for 8 PM today, you must let me know that you can’t make it by 8 PM the day before! Otherwise, it will be considered as completed.

If you discover there’s no internet or power is cut off just before the lesson, contact the teacher via SMS or WhatsApp for an alternative solution towards conducting the lesson as planned. Please see Point#4 for more information.

For example, you can sign up for Structured English Language Development, a once-a-week thematic unit in an interactive and collaborative group, and ALSO sign up for English Language Practice & Assistance, an individual packet of homework support which you can redeem at your own pace, as needed, within the allotted time limit (see Point#4 for more information).
Or you can sign up for a QUICK FIX Text Production essay assistance 5-session packet and redeem it within a few days, while also accessing a 10-session packet for Lifelong Learning Mentorship & Coaching.
Please contact Mrs. M for custom combinations of packets.

Yes, a rare but possible situation, I’m only human, in which case I will contact you via SMS or WhatsApp for an alternative solution towards conducting the scheduled lesson, either reschedule it to a mutually agreeable time, or prorate the next packet by the cost of the cancelled lesson.

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