QUICK FIX Text Production™

Online/offline 5-session consultation packet for:

SpeakUp! SpeechTM

Speech writing (structure & language use) and delivery practice

I’m In! Personal StatementTM

College application personal statement

ThumbsUp! EssayTM

Essay writing (structure & language use) for college application essay, ToK essay, IB essays & various text types

Other single text type production

This 5-session consultation packet for instant success includes:

1/ Skype session to assess needs

2/ online text production support & feedback

3/ Skype session to facilitate Draft #2 revision

4/ online text revision support & feedback

5/ Skype session to appraise Draft #2 and refine the Final Draft

YES! I need immediate help with essay writing

SpeakUp! SpeechTM

I’m In! Personal StatementTM

ThumbsUp! EssayTM

Other text

for your 5-session consultation packet and get instant success

PLAN OF ACTION – what do we do after you sign up?

A/ ESTABLISH IDEAL TIMELINE for finished product (via email)
B/ SET UP OUR SKYPE SESSIONS (via email & calendly.com)
#1 to assess needs
#3 to facilitate draft #2 revision
#5 to appraise Draft #2 and refine the Final Draft
C/ SET UP GOOGLE FOLDER (for additional resources, Google doc for text drafts)
#2 online text production support & feedback
#4 online text revision support & feedback

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